Parkside Professional Products Ltd. is committed to producing modern and innovative cleaning products that are environmentally sensitive, economical, and easy to use.

Parkside is a family owned company that can trace its roots in the cleaning industry back to 1918. With a strong focus on research and development it has grown to create a broad range of cleaning chemicals that include commercial laundry, dishwashing, floor care, skin care, disinfection, vehicle washes, etc.

Our experience in many different environments, including school boards, health care facilities, agricultural, and industry has helped us create the ParksidePro brand of products. These are designed for safe use in everyday applications.

As a Canadian manufacturer, Parkside has been certified by EcoLogo to create a full range of products that adhere to the latest environmental standards. Much of the technology we developed for our EcoLogo line has been used to create our ParksidePro brand of products. Our chemists, engineers and field reps work with thousands of end users to create and develop our products.

We also work with various cleaning hardware and equipment to create easy- to-understand procedures for daily cleaning.

As a Canadian company concerned about the environment there are a number of raw materials that we do not use in ParksidePro. These include mineral spirits, nonylphenol ethoxylates, ammonia, phosphates, triclosan and formaldehyde. Many of these products are still used by US and foreign manufacturers. In place of these ingredients we use various other products, including biodegradable surfactants (such as polyglucosides made from corn) to lower surface tension and emulsify soils, sodium carbonate and borax to build pH, natural enzymes to break down stains and odours, cocoa soap to remove and emulsify grease, tetrasodium iminodisuccinate for water softening, and numerous other new and safe ingredients. In addition, we use plastic and corrugated packaging with high recycled content.

All ParksidePro products are sold through limited distribution in Canada.

About ParksidePRO Cleaning Products for Home, Industrial and Commercial Use About ParksidePRO Cleaning Products for Home, Industrial and Commercial Use