Carpet and Upholstery Pre-Spray Concentrate

Carpet and Upholstery Pre-Spray Concentrate

• Designed to loosen stains prior to carpet extraction cleaning.
• Can be applied with a trigger sprayer or pump sprayer.
• After applying, carpet can be either cleaned with an extraction chemical or extracted with clean water.

Product Dilution Code Size
Concentrate 1:4 40374 3.78L

A water based concentrated liquid carpet pre-spray designed to pre-clean heavily soiled carpets prior to extraction.

Move furniture away from carpet to be cleaned. Vacuum carpet thoroughly before cleaning.

Mix the pre-spray cleaner into a pump sprayer or trigger sprayer at a dilution  of 1 part cleaner to 4 parts warm water (1:4). Spray onto carpet and allow to soak for 1-3 minutes. Clean total area using an extraction machine, either with extraction chemical or just with clean water only.  Follow manufacturer’s directions for using the extraction machine. Allow carpet to dry, then vacuum thoroughly to remove residue. Place waxed paper or aluminum foil under legs of furniture while carpet is drying.

Do not over wet carpet, as this can cause shrinking of carpet and damage to the floor below. Do not use on wool carpet, only synthetics. Always test for colour fastness before use. To do this, apply dilute carpet pre-spray cleaner to a small spot of the carpet, then rub with a clean white cloth. If colour transfers to the cloth, do not use.  Ensure that chemical does not spray onto furniture.

• Pump sprayer
• Extraction cleaner
• Gum remover
• Absorbent rags
• Scraper
• Carpet brush
• Clean white cloth for testing colour fastness

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