Heavy Duty Floor Stripper Concentrate

Heavy Duty Floor Stripper Concentrate

• Easily dissolves multiple layers of old finish from vinyl, terrazzo or concrete floors.
• Designed for commercial use.
• Reduced odour makes stripping floors easier.

Product Dilution Code Size
Concentrate 1:8 40322 18.9L
Concentrate 1:8 40367 3.78L

A heavy duty, low odour floor stripper designed to reduce labour on regular or tough-to-strip-floors. Its unique chemistry gives outstanding penetrating action, staying wet longer on the floor for better emulsification of wax.

Dilute into a bucket and wringer at 1:8 with water. Apply generously to floor with a wet mop and let stand for 3-5 minutes.

Agitate with a mop or machine scrub with a low speed scrubber using a black pad. Scrub stained areas manually with a black scrubbing pad.  Do not let dry. Vacuum residue. If shiny spots exist, repeat the same procedure.

Rinse 1-2 times with clear water. Apply the appropriate floor finish following the manufacturer’s directions. Do not use on marble, natural stone or wood.

Note: Floors can be slippery when wet or when finish is being emulsified by the stripper. Use cautionary floor signs to prevent slips while stripping and finishing. Ensure proper ventilation to reduce the effect of the chemical odour. Phosphate free.

• Floor machine with pad drive assembly and stripping pad
• Wet pick-up vacuum
• 2 mop buckets with wringer
• 2 wet mop handles with looped-end banded mops
• Set of “Wet Floor” signs
• Stripping pads
• Hand pads and holder
• Putty knife
• Dust mop
• Dustpan and brush
• Doorway mats

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