Floor Sealer

Floor Sealer

• A multi-purpose sealer that is great for most hard surface flooring, including vinyl, terrazzo and indoor concrete.
• Fills in the microscopic cracks and pores better than a regular finish.
• Designed to have floor finish coated over top.

Product Dilution Code Size
Ready-to-Use RTU 40325 18.9L
Ready-to_Use RTU 40323 3.78L

A water based thermal plastic acrylic floor sealer designed to provide a base for floor finish. Bonds tightly to most resilient tile, terrazzo or concrete floors, filling in the microscopic cracks and pores better than a regular finish.

Remove all old finish or sealer using a suitable floor stripper. Apply a uniform coat of floor sealer using a lint free hard string wax mop.  Allow to dry (30-40 minutes). Apply a second coat and let dry. Apply the appropriate floor finish over top, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Should stripping become necessary, Floor Sealer can be removed with a conventional stripper. For low to medium traffic floors, or for areas where the primary use is to keep floors from dusting such as concrete in a basement, Floor Sealer can be used by itself without an additional floor finish.

For general maintenance and to maintain shine, keep dirt and grit off the floor using a suitable dry dust mop. Regular washing with a damp mop and periodic scrubbing with the appropriate neutral cleaner is recommended.  Do not dilute with anything. Do not use on extremely cold surfaces or in the presence of extremely high humidity. To avoid contamination do not return the sealer to its original container.

Note: Floors can be slippery when wet or contaminated with foreign materials. Promptly clean up spills, and use entrance matting and cautionary floor signs where necessary.

• Mop Handle and Finish mop
• Clean mop bucket and wringer
• Set of “Wet Floor” signs
• Doorway mats

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